Friday, September 4, 2015

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire (by : Darien)

     The Story behind both of these games (and in fact many of the Pokemon games) is you just moved to a new home and you are choosing your first pokemon. Like always there's a professor and he has three pokemon for you to choose. A fire type, which is Torchic, a water type, Mudkip, and a grass type, Trecko. He also gives you the task of catching all of the pokemon to fill up your pokedex.
     While you explore you'll find gyms. They can be found in almost every town you come across. Betting the leaders inside will earn you a badge. If you are able to get all eight badges you'll be on your way to the Pokemon League, where the strongest trainers are. On your way to your fist gym, you'll meet team Magma or team Aqua (depending on your version on the game). Team Magma is trying to make all of the world land, and team Aqua is trying to make all of the world sea. Of course it is your job to stop them.
     The game play mechanics of Pokemon is simple and similar to the turn based RPG's. Your pokemon can do up to four moves and you can have up to six pokemon with you. You are able to catch wild pokemon that you come across, as long as you damage them enough without killing them, and as long as you have an extra pokemon ball.
     Your pokemon have the ability to level up and evolve. After doing each battle you will be awarded with experience points. These points will very on how challenging the battle was for you and your pokemon. Leveling and evolving will sometimes grant you different moves, these will make your pokemon more powerful.
     There are plenty of towns that you will come across during your play time. Most will have a gym, Pokemon Center, and Pokemart. The Pokemon Center is where you can take you pokemon to get healed for free, and they also have the PCS where you can see all of you captured pokemon. The Pokemart has items you can buy such as, potions and pokeballs.
     One of the things I liked most about this game was the online trading. You can trade pokemon with people from all over the world in a very safe and easy way. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes RPGs, Pokemon, and adventure games. This game can be played on a 3DS.

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